Best of 2022-1 – Top ten pictures of the first half of the year

June is over and so it’s time to review the first half of the year – and how could that be done better than with a best of the pictures taken. While I was still hyperactive at the beginning of the year and photographed almost every weekend in some way, this has decreased sharply in recent months.

Stress at work, significantly more other stuff to take care of. Everything nibbles away at either the time or the energy you need to take photos. That’s why I’ve decided to finally put the 365 Moments project into action – a photo every day, even if it’s so insignificant. Originally I wanted to buy a Lumix LX100 as an always there camera. Some unplanned expenses (vet, new cell phone) made that not even with a used camera an option. So I’ll probably do the whole thing with the much larger and heavier GX80.

Enough chatter. Below comes the gallery with the ten best shots of the first half of the year.