About me

Hi, I’m Jonathan and on this page you’ll learn a little more about me and my way of photography. I am a passionate hobby photographer for many years. The focus is mainly on nature photography. Whether that is landscape photography, wildlife photography or the very small details in macro photography.

A self-portrait of the author in black and white
Self-portrait in black and white

Photographing in out in the nature is not only a way for me to build distance from my stressful daily work life. It also helps me shift my focus from a hectic – and not always friendly – outside world to my own inner life. Photography is therefore an external and internal view at the same time. It sharpens your eye for the important things in life and helps you not to get lost in an increasingly chaotic world.

On this page you will find my portfolio as well as photos and photo articles on various topics. I also try to put together quarterly best-offs. I hope you enjoy browsing my site.

Oh yes, one more thing: If you like one of my pictures so much that you want to have it in printed form or if you want to reproduce content of this page in any other way, you are welcome to write to me at kontakt@lensflarephotography.de. Together we will find a solution.

If you are a photographer who takes a similar approach to photography, I would recommend the podcast “Fotografie Tut Gut” (german only). The author Falk Frassa follows a very similar approach and his insights are always highly exciting.

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Enough about me: Have fun on my website!

A self-portrait of the author by a river with his gaze turned away from the viewer. The colors are completely desaturated, except for the red leather jacket.
An image from my self-portrait project. Whenever I have the time and peace, I also take a self-portrait on my photo excursions. I will publish these collected on occasion.