Live Veins of Humanity

Live Veins of Humanity is a project that reflects on both, my own individual roots (as I was born and grew up in Schleswig-Holstein) and the roots of human race as a whole. Im talking about water: be it the oceans, rivers, lakes or man made waterways.

Water has always been and continues to be a catalyst for the development and, above all, the advancement of human communities. In the past, settling near rivers, lakes, or coasts ensured the provision of food and drinking water to larger populations. As development progressed, it facilitated easier travel over longer distances and the transportation of goods. In modern times, waterways have enabled the transportation of people, ideas, and goods in such large quantities that the world has become more interconnected.

This project consists of images of various kinds, all of which have one thing in common: water plays a role in some form. Whether it’s the sea, reservoirs, or river meadows, they all serve as Life Veins of Humanity.